SQL Boot Camp

A FREE 1 Hour Video Course Designed to Help You Learn SQL Quickly

Is SQL (Structured Query Language) a mystery to you? Are you using a relational database such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, or Microsoft SQL server for reporting and/or development? Then you need to learn SQL — the language of relational databases.

Join our free 1 hour video course to kick start your SQL knowledge and get the most out of your relational database. Are you ready to get started?


  1. Introduction to SQL & the Select Statement (14:58)
  2. SQL Where Clause (9:46)
  3. SQL Order By Clause (5:52)
  4. SQL Limit Clause (4:39)
  5. SQL Group By Clause (8:06)
  6. SQL Joins (9:17)
  7. SQL Having Clause (4:52)
  8. SQL Insert Statement (4:18)
  9. SQL Update Statement (5:10)
  10. SQL Delete Statement (3:48)

A Video Course by Creston Jamison

Hi! I am the co-founder of Ruby Tree Software, Inc. and have over a decade of development and database management experience. I will help you get up to speed with SQL quickly and efficiently.