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Our Services

Backup Testing

When was the last time you tested your backup? Right after you set it up? Never? If you are not testing your backups on a regular basis, your data is NOT safe. Things happen. Misconfigurations happen. Let us test your backups for you. Click here to learn more . . .

Rob walling 400

"Whew. My DBA, @CrestonJamison from , saved our bacon last wk. I highly recommend him for Rails & Postgres work."

— Rob Walling | Founder of Drip

Custom Software Development

Let us use our many years of development experience to help your organization achieve its goals through software. Our primary focus is on web development using the Ruby on Rails framework.

The two largest Software as a Service (SaaS) applications we have built are Advancement Form which provides online giving and online event registration services to colleges and universities and GAMEhud which collects player event data for game developers. GAMEhud currently records tens of millions of events per month for millions of players. Contact us to learn more about our custom software development.

Database Consulting

We have many years of experience working with databases doing conversions, building data marts and data warehouses, optimizing performance and assuring data can be restored. We have used many different databases over the years but our current favorite is Postgres. If you are looking to enhance the performance of your current database, go ahead and reach out to us.

Darin haener 400

"Just wanted to let you know that I made the changes to the database this morning, and the performance is fantastic. Thanks for your insight!"

— Darin Haener | Developer on Drip

DevOps Consulting

We have been administering systems for many years as well. We run all of our own servers for our applications and have tools in place to monitor them. If you are a team of developers and need someone with operations experience, we can help. Want to setup your own infrastructure and migrate off of Heroku? We can help as well. Most of our focus is on using Ansible for server configuration managment. Contact us to learn more.